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DeJure: periodico plurisettimanale – Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Milano n. 46 del 18 febbraio 2016 Direttore Responsabile: Antonio Delfino

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— Ed Kilgore, Daily Intelligencer, “William Barber II and the MLK Legacy of Church-Based Activism,” 15 Jan. 2018 The Soviet Union helped establish Israel and was the first country to bestow on it de jure diplomatic recognition, as well as getting satellite Czechoslovakia to supply it with weapons in 1948.

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De jure is commonly paired with de facto, which means “in fact.” In the course of ordinary events, the term de jure is superfluous. For example, in everyday discourse, when one speaks of a corporation or a government, the understood meaning is a de jure corporation or a de jure government.

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However, from about 1882, the rulers had only de jure rule over Egypt, as it had by then become a British puppet state. Thus, Egypt was by Ottoman law de jure a province of the Ottoman Empire, but de facto was part of the British Empire. In American law, particularly after Brown v.

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A Latin phrase meaning in law or by right, used to describe something that exists according to law or right but is not necessarily recognised in fact.

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KARACHI: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) reserved its decision on Tuesday regarding the maintainability of the plea in reference to Mutahidda Qaumi Movement- Pakistan (MQM-P) determining the de jure convener of the party.

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Legal English: “De Facto/De Jure” December 28, 2012 by @WashULaw Today’s phrases, “de facto” and “de jure,” (Pronunciation: dee fak-toh/di joo r-ee: Origin: Latin) are closely related concepts.De facto means a state of affairs that is true in fact, but that is not officially sanctioned.

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